• I’d like to welcome you to US Audiolist, the Internet’s newest audio and video electronics trading post. Since you’ve found our website, it’s safe to assume that you have the same passion for AV gear that we do. It certainly courses through our veins, and has done so for decades!
  • As enthusiasts, it’s impossible to dismiss the influence of the Internet on our hobby. After all, it provides instant access to reviews, industry news, technical explanations, and set up guides. It also serves as a platform to satisfy a constant urge to improve our home theater and two-channel systems. For many of us, upgrading is more easily achieved through buying a piece of used gear that would otherwise be too expensive if purchased new. And, of course, upgrading almost always leaves us with gear that we want to sell. Luckily, the Internet provides unprecedented access to a nationwide used market, giving both buyers and sellers tremendous options and flexibility.
  • Over the years, costs associated with old auction sites and trading sites have become increasingly costly with expensive listing fees and expensive transaction fees. After each of your item was sold, you would have to pay over 2% and up to 10% in fees. So we decided to launch US Audiolist as an affordable and easy-to-use alternative to what already exists. Our site is very easy to use and our fees are the lowest around.
  • We realize our community is only as strong as its member base, that’s why we stand behind our pledge to keep US Audiolist friendly to the enthusiast community. We want your experience here to be pleasant and successful. If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you. Just drop us an email at support@usaudiolist.com.


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