Phishing emails

This type of email is usually sent to you by the phishers. In their emails, they would usually ask you to do the following:

  1. Click on the link in their emails which pretend to be from US AudioList’s official email and then when you clicked on the link and was taken to the fake site, they would steal your username and password as you signed in.
  2. They may say there was something wrong with your account and ask you to click on “a link” in the phishing email to resolve the problem. Do not click on that link.
  3. The phisher’s emails may threaten to close your account or threaten you with many things if you wouldn’t do whatever they asked of you.

How to deal with Phishing emails?

The only 2 email address from us that will be communicating with you are:

  • and

Both of our emails ending with If you received any emails claiming that they were from us but looked different than the above 2 email address, especially different ending domain than, then they did not come from us.

We will never ask you for your username, password or credit card information by emails or over the phone.

Scams and Fraud Prevention

For Sellers

  • The safest method to accept payment is by Paypal. You would be covered by the Paypal Seller Protection if you shipped the item to the Confirmed Buyer’s address at Paypal’s site.
  • Please follow this link for more detail information. Look under Protection for Sellers.
  • Do not allow local pick up unless your item is too heavy to ship to prevent strangers in your own home.

For Buyers

  • NEVER PAY CASH or WIRE TRANSFER money to anyone. You will never get your money back if something goes wrong with the item.
  • The safest method to pay is via Paypal. You would be covered by Paypal if the item was not as advertised, was damaged or not working.
  • Do not pay via PayPal as friends and family option. Pay as for goods and services option.
  • Please follow this link for more detail information. Look under Purchase Protection.